Halloween Skeleton Dog Costume

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs


At last! Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited!! Not only will I get lots more doggy treats than usual but I also get to try on lots of different spooky costumes!

I love dressing up. If you come here often you’ll know that. Mommy is always finding new and beautiful things for me to wear, but Halloween is extra fun because for once I’m allowed to show my scary side! (and trust me, my scary side is quite terrifying sometimes! Woof!)

This year Mommy has found so many different chilling costumes for me to try that I just can’t decide which I’ll wear on Halloween night! There’s just too much choice! So I thought I’d let you help me decide. I’ve selected a few different costumes below, in no particular order of cuteness. Please let me know which you prefer in the comments section!

1) Little Devil by DogsAndHats

Devil dog hat Halloween costumeGrr. This Little Devil hat definitely brings out the naughty side in me. As soon as I put it on I felt the urge to do something mischievous! So I went outside into the garden and looked for some cats to chase. I think they must have seen me coming and ran away because I couldn’t find any and there are usually one or two hiding in the bushes. This Little Devil hat must have scared them good!

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2) Pumpkin Hat by Snug Pug

Pumpkin Halloween Dog CostumeNot only does this Pumpkin Hat look really cool and spooky, it’s knitted in thick aran wool so keeps my little ears and head warm as the cold sets in and the leaves begin to fall!

This hat is available in 4 different sizes so any dog can look as frighteningly adorable as me – even big dogs!

You can order yours here!









3) Yoda Hat by Handmade Monster 
Yoda Dog HatFeel the force! This hand-knitted Yoda hat is also super cute and comfortable! I love the design of this Halloween dog costume (even though it’s just a hat but still) and think I look absolutely adorable! It’s hand made in California using US made yarn. And the model is Lady Yoshi Mifune, Handmade Monster’s official spokesmodel!

Would you buy this for your dog? Leave a comment below!

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4) Pikachu by PetitDogApparel

Pikachu Dog CostumeNow after all the hype about Pokemon Go this year Mommy couldn’t resist trying this one out for size. I’m not sure personally. Yellow’s not really my colour; I think it clashes with my gorgeous sparkling golden fur. I have to say though it is very warm and could make other dogs look almost as adorable as us chis 😉

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5) Shark costume by SimplySphynx 

Shark Halloween Dog Cat CostumeAre you afraid of sharks? Well if you are then bad news – they’re not only in the water anymore. Now there is something far worse to fear: the Chihuahuark! That’s what Mommy and I have called this costume. I think Jaws would swim a mile if he saw me dressed like this, don’t you?

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6) Spider Outfit by Teddy Face Dog Clothes 

Spider Halloween Dog CostumeJust when you thought it couldn’t get any scarier than the Chihuahuark… came the Spider Dog! If you have a fear of spiders you might want to look away because I think I’d look terrifying in the image below! A Spider Dog with a scary side like mine is not to be messed with. Do you think your pooch would make a great Spider Dog?

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7) Unicorn Hat by Faux Paws Accessories

Unicorn dog costumeOK, so maybe this one isn’t so scary, but it’s super special! Here is a picture of my friend and Instagram superstar Lady Puggington trying on the Unicorn hat for size! Doesn’t she look fabulous? On a more serious note, I have a special message: the profits from Faux Paws Accessories go towards helping my friend Yoda the pug get his proper treatment and medications for epilepsy. Please visit his shop here!












8) Pikachu by MyKnitt

Pikachu Dog CostumeYes, I know, another Pikachu costume! Mommy just loves them. But this one is very different to the last one. This one has a hood, ties around the neck and is very comfortable also. There are larger sizes available too, so big dogs can join in the fun!

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9) The Cookie Monster by FiercePetFashion

Cookie Monster Dog Halloween CostumeThis one isn’t so scary but it is sooo warm and comfortable and I love cookies so I think it suits me well. I think it would get me lots of doggy treats if I went trick or treating. What do you think?

Unique and handcrafted designs by FiercePetFashion. Made in the USA.
This is where your pet has to shop to look fierce and be fierce in fashion!

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10) Bumble Bee by Teddy Face Dog Clothes 

Bumble bee dog costumeBee careful! Ever since I tried on this snug bumble bee outfit I’ve been buzzing about the house threatening to sting anyone who gets too close! I haven’t stung anyone yet but I might if anyone makes me nervous – and you know how we Chihuahuas are when we get nervous!

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I hope you enjoy my selection of fabulous doggy Halloween costumes! Would love to know what you think! Leave me a comment below! Paw waves xxx