Chilli and his John Lewis Christmas Dog ornaments

John Lewis’ Pawtastic Doggie Christmas Decorations!


A Visit to John Lewis’ Christmas Department Without Chilli?

Really, this is unthinkable. Where was Mommy’s head when she decided to undertake Christmas shopping without me? However, although I did have a moment in my basket she was soon forgiven when I saw the fantastic Christmas decorations she had purchased.

I really love this time of year and particularly enjoyed posing with these very special and delightful canine friends that have come to spend Christmas with us.

Chilli pawing gold sparkly Christmas dog decoration

First out of the bag was my new canine companion (£25.00) who is yet to be named. Just look at his sleek and shiny stature and super perky tail. Please note I was wondering if he was a little too glossy for his own good and you may well think I was trying to take him down a peg or two with my paw. You might think that but I couldn’t possibly comment. Mind you, once I had put a lid on my envious tendencies I do have to admit that this sparkly dog is the ideal Christmas decoration for any dog-loving household. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a touch of Christmas bling and glamour after all.

Chilli with a glass bauble dog Christmas ornament

Imagine being trapped in a tiny glass bubble. Oh the horror! I must confess to feeling slightly sad when I posed against this chirpy Christmas pal (£5). He has such a sweet little festive cap  but will never come out to play. I have promised Mommy that I will have a little chat every morning and evening of the Christmas holidays so he is never lonely. Why would you do that to a dog?

Chilli with a Fox Christmas ornament

Now, glossy, gorgeous and foxy, that’s me. Hmnn. I’m glad you noticed and that’s before I get my Christmas beauty pamper present. Here is one of my favourite Christmas baubles.  It’s a gorgeous glass fox head (£5) that’s beautifully sculpted to look just like the real thing. I see many of them at night when the household is asleep. They have quite taken the garden as their own personal playground. I can see just where John Lewis got their inspiration for their 2016 Christmas Campaign. It’s a pity they didn’t ask me to have a bounce on that trampoline. Maybe next year I’ll get a starring role.

Chilli with luxe velvet dog Christmas ornament

Now this black terrier (£10) has real style. Made of felt he is THE stylish Christmas tree decoration.  Can you imagine a white tree covered in these little creatures. I think that might well be the ultimate stylish Christmas gesture and I’d just love to see it.  If I could I’d wear him as a pendant around my neck but I don’t think Mommy would be impressed. It would make a great photo though. I wonder if I could convince her. I’ll keep you posted.

Chilli with John Lewis dog christmas decorations

This is Christmas cool. Take a look at these guys.  They are the cutest critters imaginable (£5 Yorkie, £5 Dog with Glasses, £7.50 Pug). If dogs are your thing and I mean, why wouldn’t they be and a dog-themed Christmas is on the menu these are a great start to your festivities. Small perfectly formed glass baubles they make fab presents for dog lovers everywhere and quite a trio for the mantelpiece if holly and ivy don’t do it for you. I’m just hoping the manufacturers will see this pic and decide to design a Chilli Christmas decoration for next year.

Chilli with John Lewis Christmas dog decorations

So here I am with Mommy’s haul from John Lewis’ Christmas decorations department. My foxy friends will keep me company this Christmas. See the pose? I am just getting enough practice for when I get my own bauble next year. Think I am kidding? Remember Chilli is one determined Chihuahua as you already know!

Chilli with John Lewis dog Christmas ornaments

What a handsome trio. Would you give a home to a dog this Christmas? You bet!

John Lewis bulldog Christmas ornament

Little Royal London John Lewis Christmas ornaments

Little Royal Scotland christmas ornaments John Lewis

If you want to go all cool and patriotic this Christmas then you might want to hop along to John Lewis and check out their London and Scotland collections. How cute are these. They remind me of the stories my grandmother used to tell me about Christmas in the old days with fabulous lights and Advent crowns. They were the days. But now we can recreate a touch of nostalgia. Who wouldn’t want a set? Dear Father Christmas…….

Little London John Lewis Christmas ornaments