Reiki & Relaxation for dogs & their humans

Reiki is a natural way of supporting healing and providing calm for both dogs and their humans. Yasmin began working with dogs by sharing Reiki with Chilli and Sukhi whenever their tummies were upset. She found that after 20 mins of Reiki their system was back to normal 2 hours later. Without Reiki the cycle of healing was a couple of days often accompanied by runny poo and rumbling tummies.

If you and/or your dog are stressed or anxious Yasmin can add some breathing, sound healing and even meditation if you would enjoy that. You will see that once your system relaxes, your dog will also settle and feel more calm.

Reiki is an NHS recognised complementary therapy. It can enhance healing, wellbeing, reduce anxiety and create peace within.

Yasmin is a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher as well as an interfaith Reverend and Reiki healer. She has spent years working and studying in the holistic realm. She is now sharing her Reiki journey with dogs too!

Please note: sometimes a dog will refuse Reiki so if that is the case I am happy to share it with only the human. Some dogs can be still for longer, some will only absorb 10 mins of healing. It is a very indiviualised experience. If you would like a home visit my fee will be £80. Please get in touch if you are unsure about your dog’s demeanor.  I cannot treat a dog who bites or is aggressive unfortunately, as that would be unfair to the dog and myself.

Reiki session (dog and/or human) 30mins – 1 hour £60