Dog birthday party at Verve London

Chilliwawa’s Fab Birthday Dog Pawty Ideas!


My dear friends and scrummy fans, another year has passed, can you believe it? I had the pleasure to celebrate my 5th birthday with Mummy and my friends recently.

What an occasion! We set the date in advance and sent out some handmade Chihuahua-tastic invitations! Mummy and I then got down to the planning and made a list of what we thought might be lots of fun for everyone, including the birthday dog of course!

It was quite a gathering. The little Chihuahuas were very feisty about their party space. This was especially fun to watch when Sebastian the Poodle kept annoying my buddy tiny Lucky. I have to say that a Chow Chow puppy was mesmerised by me and tried to crash our party!  Mummy told me I wasn’t particularly well behaved as I was having none of it! The Chow kept coming back and annoying me. It was a case of ‘Don’t worry us little Chow as we’re the big boys.’ Yes, I guess it was a little mean but it was MY birthday after all!

It was fab hanging out with all of my best friends since puppyhood!  Mummy couldn’t really complain because I spread my attention totally between Lucy and Nikita (ahem,the only girls ) and they kept me pretty occupied.



But what was super exciting was we caused quite a stir. We were sitting at the tables in the shop window area of the cafe and honestly we turned into Notting Hill celebrities. Passers by stopped and stared, smiled and marveled at what was going on! They couldn’t really believe their eyes. They kept mouthing through the window whose birthday we were celebrating. So Mummy held me up and we all screamed Chilli!

People were taking pictures of us and by the end of the day I felt like a superstar! I have to say that I made so many new friends and everyone was keen to join in too. It was such a social occasion and such a fab thing to arrange so why don’t you give it a go?

So if you want a dog party to remember then here are some tips to creating an awesome dog birthday party and it’s easy to do with a pawsome impact!

5 pawsome tips for the best dog party ever!

  • Sort out the goodie bags for dog and human guests – make them fun!
  • Organise the most delicious cake in the world for your dog party
  • Take plenty of pictures of your dog birthday party
  • Book a dog friendly venue
  • Make a present list

Prepare some fun goodie bags for your guests!

Home made doggie goodie bags

As our plan was to go for a nice walk in the park first, we thought our guests would be hungry by the time we rocked up at the venue. So we went to the Pound Shop and found some tiny espresso paper cups with lids.  Mummy filled these with delicious home-cooked chicken & veg casserole (for dogs only – go on, be jealous). We then put a cup in each dog party bag, as well as a lollipop for the mums! I thought it was fun to add a cute candle too. To top it all off, we slipped in  a tasty Good Boy chicken chew. That was the birthday dog’s idea!

Delicious Patisserie Valerie cake for the humans!

Patisserie Valerie birthday cake

If you live in London, you must have seen the delicious cakes at Patisserie Valerie! Who could miss them. I have to tug the lead to stop Mummy from pressing her nose against the window each time we pass.So it is safe to say that mummy loves them so we ordered a chocolate, banana and strawberry cake for the mums and dads. Of course I know that chocolate is dangerous for us doggies so don’t worry, I didn’t have a lickie – not even a small one! Patisserie Valerie allows you to pre-order cakes in many flavours and sizes. The one we ordered is for 6-8 people. The next time we’ll go for the bigger one, so I am reliably told!





Book a great dog-friendly venue: Verve Pet Cafe, Westbourne Grove

Birthday party at Verve London

Mummy and I wanted to pick a venue where us doggies can run around and really have fun. As quite a few of us were going, we thought we would need enough space for the humans to sit and us doggies to play. What better place to throw a party for the birthday dog than Verve Pet Cafe? It’s a stunning venue with a cafe, bar and shop. You can sip on a cappuccino whilst choosing from the most deluxe leather and diamante collars in town. You will always meet some doggies there, including the residents, my buddy Louie the Chihuahua, a standard Poodle with style and a huge teddy bear Mastiff, who really is the sweetest. The owner reserved the tables for us and everyone made sure we had a great time! Honestly you couldn’t want for anything better!

Have a great time and take lots of pictures!

Here are some pics of all of the fun we had 🙂 Meet my buddies doggie & human!

Chilli dog birthday party

Birthday dog having fun

Chilli dog birthday party

Dog birthday party

Chilli dog birthday party


Chilli and Mummy

So what do you bring the birthday boy or girl? Here are some of the amazing presents I received!

Customised birthday bag

One of my friends made me a special customised bag! I think it’s super cool 🙂 Mummy and I think it’s always fun to add a personal touch when possible. Be creative with any bits and bobs you have lying around the house! It doesn’t have to cost the earth just a little creativity, thought and time. Those really are the very best presents to give and receive.









Beco bowl

I also received a collapsible Beco Bowl made from soft rubber. It folds flat so you can easily pop it in a bag, and when you need it, it unfolds into a bowl. Cool!












Verve Bandanas dogs

These are some really fun and original bandanas I received and I just  love them! They are Verve’s own designs and come in a wide selection! You just slip them on the collar and you’re ready to go.









Kong dog training toyMy Auntie who is also my teacher, gave me this pawsome training toy from Kong! There are lots of fun interactive dog toys around, which are great for relaxing, entertainment and learning. Who says treat time can’t be even more fun?







There is another pet boutique my Auntie likes a lot which sells loads of cool doggie items, The Mutz Nutz. Here you will find a range of dog clothes, toys and yummy food, do check them out. I also received some cards, thank you!

Mutz Nutz dog present

As you can probably see in all of the photos I was given a brand new collar by my lovely friend! I absolutely love it and it matches Mummy’s grey winter coat. She’s also getting me a matching lead!

Meet my new blue kitty, angry bird and alligator friends! Right now I’m having so much fun playing with my new toys!

dog toys

Did we learn anything?

Next time we’ll know to always prepare for the unexpected- friends and doggies may well join in. So make sure you have enough cake for more than you expect; you never know whom you might encounter.

We also thought tiny party hats would add even more spirit to the whole celebration and they’re such fun too!

I hope this post gives you plenty of inspiration for your dog birthday party! I know Mummy is already thinking up good ideas for the next one 🙂 If you ask she might just help you too!

Lots of love,

Chilli xxx