Packing a Doggie Suitcase Chihuahua Style!


I’m a lucky boy as I get to travel with my Mummy sometimes! As we all know looking fab and having everything a Chihuahua could possibly need at hand is of the essence.

So here’s my list of top dog holiday items I can’t do without:

1  Travel Bag

Chilli Chihuahua in his travel bag

This is my mobile home away from home. My slick travel doggie bag doubles as a bed and safe haven for me when we’re out and about and I need to have a little nap. In here I’m cozy and can relax.

2  Girlfriend

Chilli Chihuahua and girlfriend in hotel bed

What would a holiday be without a lovely lady at my side?

3  Breakfast in Bed

Chilli Chihuahua having breakfast in bed

Now that’s the good life 🙂

4  Leave Space in Your Suitcase for the Shopping!

Doggie Apparel shop in Margate

Who can resist such a lovely shop! Doggie Apparel thanks for a great shopping experience 🙂

5  Doggy Bag

Chilliwawa in his Doggy Bag

This is a bag of magic: wet, sandy dog goes in and clean and dry dog comes out! Very useful, especially if you’re out in the country or sea side.

6  Designer Shampoo & Made to Measure Bathrobe

Dogrobes and Pet Head

I don’t go anywhere without my designer doggie shampoo Pet Head! Imagine using common products on my fur? No way, a Chihuahua needs the good stuff…and I get to smell fruity! My fiery red bathrobe is perfect to slip on after my shower! The lovely people at Dogrobes made it especially for me!

7  Dinner Outfit

Chilli Chihuahua ready for dinner in his bowtie

What would life be without a bowtie? James Paw-nd 007! Must say I am a bit sleepy now…