Lucky Chihuahua Crufts 2017

Crufts 2017: Exclusive Interview with My Buddy Lucky Chihuahua!


This year Mummy and I are extremely excited about Crufts 2017 as my buddy Lucky and my Auntie Isa Randle competed in the Crufts finals in Freestyle Heelwork to Music (HTM)! Mummy went to cheer them on and she said they were pawtastic! I’m sure you are all curious about how it feels like to compete in such a big event being a tiny but mighty cute Chihuahua! So here’s an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Meet HTM Star Lucky Chihuahua!

C: Hi Lucky, congratulations! Your performance was just too cool. I have to say you trained your Mummy well!

L: Hey Chilli boy! Thanks buddy!


C: I saw you running into the big arena. How did it feel when you realised where you were?

L: I had to gasp for air as I realised all eyes are on me! I thought it’s now or never! I’m going to show them real Chi-Power!


C: I thought you guys all wear cute little outfits! How come you didn’t have any clothes on?

L: Honestly Chilli, I’d rather be naked as I don’t like wearing pink! I would have had to match Mummy’s costume and that’s a big no no!


C: Pink is definitely not your colour! I will never understand why humans love dressing us up! So tell us a little about how you prepared yourself for the competition?

L: You see Chilli, as a dog athlete you must take good care of yourself, make sure to eat right, sleep right and of course practise all of the cool moves! And don’t forget to wiggle your tail feathers!


C: I loved the “move” when you walked across your Mummy’s arms! Tell me about it! (PIC!!!!)

L: I was inspired by watching a program on line dancing and I thought this would be a splendid idea!

Lucky Chihuahua at Crufts 2017 HTM Freestyle


C: I saw you snuck in a Moonwalk! How cool is that?

L: Well they call me Lucko Jacko!


C: As the only non Border Collie in the HTM competition, you were representing all of us tiny dogs! How did that feel?

L: You know that Chihuahuas RULE!!!


C: I must say, having watched your performance at such an amazing event, I feel inspired to do something myself! I think agility would suit me to a tee! Imagine Lucky, it’s a bit like flying! I would be whizzing around like a crazy Chihuahua!

L: Haha, yes Chilli boy I can see it already! You just need to train your Mummy to keep up with you!


C: Yes that will be fun! Thanks buddy for this interview, our fans will be thrilled. Congratulations once again and can’t wait for next year!

Here’s a snippet of the performance, courtesy of Crufts:

Mummy’s Highlights of Crufts 2017

Crufts 2017 Arena

This is the main arena! It’s quite big, especially if you have tiny Chihuahua legs!

Agility Crufts 2017

In case you haven’t experienced dog agility, it’s simply pawtastic! Woosh, zoom around, jump and tunnel! Right up my street 🙂 This would be my category to compete in, I’d rock!

Mummy and Isa Randle and Lucky

Meet the champs! Mummy (left) holding my buddy Lucky after his performance with his Mummy Isa (right)!

Dogs helping people with disabilities

I never knew how cool this charity Canine Partners is! Look at what we doggies can do to help!

Might Mabel dog at Crufts

Meet Mighty Mabel! Woof! Not sure why she’s wearing a hat though?

Barking Heads dog food

Hmmm didn’t know us doggies can have bad hair days too! Guess it makes sense, I think it’s really amusing and love the branding! Fat dog slim 😉

Crufts Halls full of visitors

And this is on Thursday, the least busiest day they say…

Lady grooming dog at Crufts

Grooming taking place… glad it’s not me!

Police with dog

The police! Mummy is lucky she didn’t get arrested for being doggie crazy! She spoke to a police officer who explained that when police dogs retire, the handler has the choice to either keep them or re-home them. It must be a very difficult decision to find your K9 pawtner a new home after years of working together. The officer pointed out that sometimes it’s cruel to keep a working dog and leave him at home, rather than taking him to the office. He’d be sad he wasn’t included anymore. Never looked at it that way.

Pet Head Grooming

I love Pet Head! I do, actually! The nice man there gave Mummy a bunch of goodies! Can’t wait to try them out!

Guide Dogs experience display

This must be an intense experience…

Dog area at Crufts

One of the doggie stations, where competing dogs have a place to rest and be groomed.

Luxury dog bed

Now that’s a luxury dog bed! Mummy said she almost sat in it and had a little snooze! But she said the sales men would not have been impressed… oh well, maybe next time!

Chewy Vuitton

Chewy Vuitton? LOL!

Young Kennel Club

The Young Kennel Club – inspiring young people to do more with their dogs! Fabulous!

Battersea Dogs home

We heart Battersea Dogs Home.

Ana wearing Chanel bling

Our lovely friend Anna wearing a customised bling sweatshirt featuring her own Chihuahua princess, Chanel!

Chihuahua greeting card

And just in case it wasn’t enough Chihuahua…

TV coverage of Crufts

At the end of the day Crufts is still televising live! Clare Balding, hello!

Winners go home

It was time to leave and start making the journey home… what a lovely day. Who knows maybe next year I’ll get a doggie pass and experience it all myself. Hmm, there are so many people though, maybe I’ll just send Mummy again!

Lots of love,

Chilli xxx