Chilliwawa the media dog on Pinterest

Media Dog Interviews Pinterest Queen!


C: A huge doggy tail wag to you Vivienne Neale!

V: Hi Chilli, I am delighted to be here.  I have new bowtie for you.

C: Aw you’re so sweet.

V: Chilli that was a huge face lick. I think I’ve lost most of my makeup.

C: Haha. I was just showing you the Chilliwawa love. So tell me, what’s it like doing social media as a human? Is it very different from being a media dog?

V: To be honest, it’s hectic.  You probably find that too. Everything changes so quickly. You just manage to get to grips with one update and suddenly everything transforms.

C: So you need paws for thought then?

V: Yes, something like that. But it is exciting. You’d be barking mad not to enjoy a career in social media.

C: What’s your favourite platform? I love Instagram because I get to take a lot of selfies; being the media dog that I am.

V: I’ve seen them!  But my real favourite is Pinterest.

C: Why is that?

V: I have loved the vibe from the very beginning. I started on Pinterest when it was’ invite only’ and it really felt special. Although I have to say it has changed a lot. As a social media platform it was so different and its influence has spread far and wide in terms of design style too. It’s the one platform where I can get lost for hours and be taken to different worlds. It has become such a powerful search tool too.

C: But surely Pinterest is just for crazy cat ladies!

V: That’s where you are so wrong Chilli. Pinterest is a real money spinner and perfect for the media dog about town. Did you know people spend more on Pinterest than they do on Facebook?

C: Surely not?

V: Yup, it’s true. People visit Pinterest when they are in the mood to be tempted. They are up for inspiration, ideas, life hacks and it appeals to their sense of what might be possible, what might be transformational. They just want to add value to their lives in as many different ways as possible.

C: What you mean like me wanting to be a Great Dane?

V: Steady on!  Not quite THAT transformational. But if you are looking for a new outfit, collar or overcoat, dog basket or blanket that a media dog needs then Pinterest will offer you a 101 solutions. It will inspire and also promote that ‘I want it now’ moment.

C: Sounds good to me. But how can a social media platform really promote shopping?

V: Chill, I can’t believe you of all Chihuahuas are asking me that question. But now you’ve asked, Pinterest has launched a new shopping app. If you find a luxury dog bed in a pet shop you can zap the product and Pinterest will deliver other exciting options to your phone. You can see what’s on the market and decide there and then if this really is the bargain dog bed you were after. It’s transformational; just like your dog accessories.

C: Does that mean you actually earn a living from Pinterest? How does that work?

V: I run UK Pinterest Management Services and I look after Pinterest boards for companies who are too busy to do it themselves. The London Evening Standard even featured me in an article called the online careers you never knew existed.

I’ve worked for china restorers, luxury candle and aromatherapy oil manufacturers, vaping companies, dog accessory sellers and so many different types of people. It’s been fascinating. As a media dog you need to be there.

C: You may well convince me. So what board is your favourite on your Pinterest accounts.

V: I hate to admit it but it’s a board called Black Cats!’

C: Aargh…where are they? Let me at ‘em!

V: Ha ha Chilli, calm down, they are in picture form only. Anyway, if you need someone to manage your Pinterest boards you know where to come. I think the first one has to be called ‘The Media Dog’. Am I forgiven?

C: Sure! Here’s another lick to prove it.


Vivienne Neale is Pinterest expert and runs UK Pinterest Management Services. Click here to see what she gets up to.