Chilliwawa Stylish Dog at Dior

Stylish Dog Out On The Town: I Love Chelsea!


Mummy was getting ready to go out. But I knew we were going somewhere special as she chose a lovely 50’s inspired dress and glam accessories. She even asked me to wear my bowtie with my bling collar! We got ready and hopped in a cab. “Sloane Street, please”, Mummy said to the driver. She explained to me we were going to get her ring repaired. It is very precious to her as it was a special gift. We finally arrived in Chelsea and there we were: in front of the Dior shop. You see I’m a fashionable dog who knows his brands.

Enter The World Of A Stylish Dog

A handsome man opened the door for us and we were instantly greeted by some lovely ladies. They welcomed us and I got to say hello to them all. I like meeting beautiful women, they are always nice to me. So we hung out in the shop for a while, but unfortunately no photos allowed indoors. Such a shame as the carpet was really nice. I could have rolled on it all day and rubbed my back.

Mommy had a look at the nice displays and she showed me their miniature furniture. “Imagine that would be our house,” she said. “We could have tea together and get all dressed up and you’d be a stylish dog on a stylish chair!” I must say, I do enjoy being stylish. Wearing my diamante collar makes me feel cool. But I think it’s more important to Mummy rather than to me.

You see my Mummy’s a fashionista! She loves the latest fashion trends and always looking stylish. So she puts together my outfits too! She even designs things for me. I know that if Dior made dog collars she would have bought me one.

I have some very stylish dog friends too. They wear their fur coats and look shiny and new.

Stylish Dog on Sloane Street

After Dior, Mummy decided for us to have a stroll down Sloane Street. We passed some lovely shops but I must say they are missing a charcuterie. There is no where to buy some ham or pastrami to snack on! Harrods unfortunately doesn’t allow dogs inside. So we couldn’t even go there. Maybe I could get a petition going about opening some form of meaty snack bar. I know all of my friends would sign it and then we could go and hang out at the stylish dog snack place. Maybe for a change we would not allow humans! They could all wait outside and chit chat whilst we enjoy our snacks.

I think I need to ask Mummy to buy me some more bow ties! It’s nice to look the part of a stylish dog!