Chiwawa autumn leaves

Chiwawa Autumn Fun


It was a glorious autumn morning today with the sun streaming into our home. Mummy and I woke up, looked at each other and smiled as we had the same thought! “Let’s go the park!” It is a very special time of year at the moment for us chiwawa boys. There are lots of exciting smells hidden in between the leaves and if we’re really lucky there will be some cheeky squirrels hunting for their last treasures. Mummy made sure I look super stylish (of course) and picked out my camouflage military look coat. I must say, it is very New York urban cool. She asked me if I would like to wear sunglasses too, but I thought that might be too much. Besides, I need the ladies to see when I’m winking at them!

Once in the park I was welcomed by a red sea of warm leaves. As a fawn chiwawa with a hint of strawberry in my precious fur I do tend to camouflage a bit. But not too much so you can still see me!

Chiwawa kicking leaves
I decided to do some cleaning up and started to sweep the leaves to one side with my tiny but strong back legs! I thought, maybe the grass under the leaves with its exciting smells might like to be uncovered. So I did my best to help out.

Chiwawa taking a power nap
That was hard work! Look, the grass is peeking out now. I think it’s time for a chiwawa power nap!
Ahh sunshine on my face is great. I’ll have a snooze and then we’ll continue.

Chiwawa basking in autumn sun
Come on Mummy, let’s go! There’s so much more to explore! We might find something really exciting and smelly.

Chiwawa sitting on rock
As we kept on walking, the sea of leaves opened into a beautiful clearing of green grass, interspersed with some leafy bits. “Quick, let me climb that rock! I can have a much better view of the naughty squirrels from here!” Ahh how nice the warm autumn sun feels on my chiwawa face. Lovely!

Chiwawa sniffing ground
I jumped off of my rock and went in pursuit of more adventure. Hmmm, I wonder where this path is leading me to?

Chiwawa at massive tree
It’s the big wise tree! I like to come here as this tree has some magical powers. Mummy and I sometimes paw hug Mr Tree. Mummy says it feels soothing and grounding. I quite like it too. For a little chiwawa like me, the world can be a bit scary sometimes, so it’s nice to reconnect.

We spent some time chilling with Mr Tree and then it was time to go home. You see, I’m quite busy with my new modelling job so I can’t be off duty all day long. Lots of love xxx