Chilli Chihuahua Chilliwawa on happy bench

Cute Dog Stories: The Happy Bench!


Cute Dog Stories in Notting Hill

Oh how the cute dog stories are piling up! It seems Mommy and I can’t even go for a short afternoon walk around Notting Hill without seeing or doing something interesting!

Earlier this week we just popped out for a few minutes and I discovered that benches are not just meant for marking our territory! They are also places where happy people meet together! Well, the ‘Happy People Only’ bench is anyway. We found it just outside one of Mommy’s favourite cafes and we just had to take a closer look!

The man in the café said he placed The Happy Bench outside because he wanted to either attract happy customers or sad customers that needed cheering up! He said that most days the bench is occupied by complete strangers who happily talk to one another while they drink their coffee!

The Happy Bench

Mommy and I took a seat on the bench and I have to say I instantly felt happier! Then another man from inside the café came and sat down with us and I almost barked at him for coming too close but then I realised the Happy Bench isn’t just for me and Mommy. The Happy Bench is for anyone who is feeling or would like to feel happy. So I didn’t bark at him – I behaved myself and respected the Happy Bench!

Mommy and I think the Happy Bench is such a good idea – not just to encourage human happiness but also doggy happiness! Dogs (especially little Chihuahuas like me) feel a lot more relaxed around happy, calm people. We don’t bark or growl and small children don’t get scared so easily. That’s what we do when we’re feeling stressed or nervous – usually because there are stressed or nervous people around us!

You see, we doggies are very sensitive animals. We take after human emotions very easily – the good and bad ones – and sometimes people don’t understand this when we get all barky-barky-growly-growly.

So Mommy and I think there should be a Happy Bench in every park in London! If there were a Happy Bench in every park, there would be lots more happy people and happy dogs walking around. That way, we doggies would hardly ever get upset!

You see, London is such a big city. People move so quickly here – going to work, returning from work – and don’t seem to be interested in talking to strangers. Mommy says it’s because there are too many distractions in life. I think it’s a pity. People should talk to strangers more often – who knows where one random, happy conversation on a bench could lead?

We Chihuahuas would certainly be a lot happier and calmer at any rate. Happy benches = happy people = happy dogs 🙂

In fact, we think placing Happy Benches in London Parks is such a good idea that we are going to write to the Mayor about it. We know he must be a busy man but we think he’s also a nice man who will understand the value of Happy Benches in London Parks. Although Mommy says “it’s a longshot”, we think he might respond 🙂

Imagine that – the London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiling the first Happy Bench in Hyde Park – what a wonderful and happy day that would be!

Yes, I think the Happy Bench is a fantastic idea. I think Mommy and I will visit our Happy Bench outside the café most days from now on. Especially on my “off days”, as Mommy likes to call them. It will cheer me up, she says.

As long as whoever sits next to me is happy, I think she’ll be right 🙂