Welcome to Chilliwawa, The Official Dog-Blog of Chilli the Notting Hill Chihuahua!

Chilli’s blog is a collection of doggie tales and cute dog pictures featuring Chilli and his friends. The dog-blog is an insight into the life of such a tiny guy with a huge character. Just like us humans, he has a lot to say and loves to explore and do new things.

Dog-Blog Fun

Not only is the dog-blog itself a lot of fun to read and indulge in the cute dog pictures, it is also a lot of fun to create! Chilli goes out a lot with his Mummy and they visit some interesting places. Whether it’s a Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, or a fashion show, Chilli will be there cute as a button. Each photograph is taken with the intention of capturing a moment. And to adorn the photo, a story is added in the dog-blog to give it life. We all want to know what Chilli did next!

Pawsitively Poochie

We love to humanise our pets but at the same time a little Chihuahua like Chilli is 100% real dog. Seeing such a pooch in his outdoors life is pure joy and many little videos of Chilli playing with his friends in the park are on his Instagram account. His dog-blog tells many stories of the adventures he has outdoors.

Dog Fashionista

As well as being an adventurer, fashion is never far away when it comes to Mummy. Dog-clothes and creating doggie couture is another dimension to Chilli’s blog. All that’s missing is a doggie fashion show! Watch this space it will come soon.

Express Your Inner Doggie

Blogs are a fabulous way to express oneself, especially if you’re a pooch who doesn’t really speak human. Yet they communicate with us daily, letting us know their needs and wants and are always here for us. It is up to us humans to translate and spread the message. Chilli’s dog-blog is a creative space to voice all of his moments doing something fun, naughty or just being adorably cute!

It is great fun expressing those doggie thoughts into words, waving them into a cute dog story. A dog-blog is more than just a mention of dog products and services. It is a creative outlet to build another dimension to the world we experience, told through the eyes of our beloved pooch. Chilli’s dog-blog also shows the challenges he faces a a fiery chilli pepper! He often finds himself in situations which make him uncomfortable and he doesn’t know what is expected of him. It is really heart warming to see him try his best and control his reactions to especially make his human Mummy happy. He is a very small dog who is often a bit nervous around strangers, especially as everyone wants to touch him because he’s just so cute! This has inspired his Mummy to work with him and train him using lots of positive reinforcement techniques. They discover together all of the amazing tricks and possibilities of a human working with a dog. Ultimately they have formed a genuine level of communication between them.