Chilli visits Cococares Day Care for Dogs!


My first dog blog interview!

Meet my new friend Coco! She is quite the business woman. Together with her Mommy Jan and sister Millie they run an amazing doggie day care business. It’s a new venture run by a very experienced Jan-she has cared for children, dogs and built her own business before.

Jan enthusiastically explained to Mommy that their day care is exclusively for us little dogs! Jan is very keen on the doggies to have a “home away from home” experience filled with love, comfort and of course safety. She believes us little dogs need a family and warm environment to feel comfortable and happy in. And if you wish your beloved pooch can also stay for holidays.

Her home, where us doggies will be staying, is a welcoming and cozy environment with a lovely patio which is currently being transformed into a fun dog garden! I can’t wait to see it! Jan and Millie also take their dog guests out on long walks to neighbouring Holland Park and Kensington Gardens.

I have to say that as a nervous, slightly hesitant dog I felt at home immediately! I loved seeing Coco again and playing with all three of them. We had such a good time.

Please visit their website:

Paw hugs xxx