My first heelwork to music group class dog training

Doggie Dancing: My first HTM group class!


My very first Heelwork to Music group class!

My lovely teacher invited Mommy and me to join her at a group HTM class, also known as doggie dancing! I was very excited and a bit nervous. The last time I have attended a group learning activity was as a little puppy. But my teacher said it would be fine and that I will learn a whole new set of things. We drove outside of London into the beautiful Surry countryside. We arrived in time to help set up: carpet rolled out, check, music playing, check.

To warm up Mommy and I did a little heel work training. The teacher then asked us to start a little sequence moving to the music. We started with Mommy walking backwards and me following her and doing some twists on command. Then we added Mommy being stationary and me jumping over her extended right leg and then the left. The teacher finally asked us to put it all together! It was quite a challenge for me to stay focussed! I really wanted to run off and play with the other dogs…which eventually I did! Oops! I need to improve my focus on Mommy and the work we do. But for now it is all a big game still for me! I had a lot of fun!