dog blog Chilliwawa

My Very First Dog Blog Post!


Hello, I’m Chilli the urban pooch! I live in Notting Hill with my fashionable Mummy and friends. Mummy takes me everywhere, so I have a lot to write about in my dog blog. You see, I experience the world from a different angle, so sometimes I get a bit anxious or overwhelmed. Don’t forget I’m a very small dog!

How To Create A Dog Blog Chilli-Style!

I’ve been sharing my adventures with my fans on social media for quite some time now, and I love to receive your comments and likes. But there I can’t really tell a story as it’s more about pictures and little comments Mummy says. So I asked her if she could help me set up my very own dog blog. I could make it look really nice with a cute little logo and write about my doggie days as an urban pooch. Mummy of course said yes, and she helped me create this. We researched many blogging platforms (not quite sure how this is related to the shoes) and Mummy explained to me all of the differences and the pros and cons. In the end we decided to go for WordPress as it did sound very cool! It has things called plugins that allow you to make your blog even more exciting. But enough of the technical stuff, I’m not sure how much of it I understand. I just know that this is going to be great!

I love going out during the day. I must say the big green park is my favourite. I get to meet lots of doggies there and we get to sniff and run and play. Occasionally I find a furry friend who wants to chase me. But I also like going shopping with Mummy. She often asks me for my opinion – she says it’s very important. So when I come home after an eventful day I get to blog about it here. I can tell you all about what happened in the park or cafe or bumping into my friends on the street.

Dog Blog: What’s It All About?

Well, a lot of it is about me, but of course it’s all about my adventures. I am Mummy’s little companion and she takes me really everywhere (well, except for the supermarket where they’ve told us we can’t shop together). And I have some really cool friends. Some are Chihuahuas like me but I have friends of all breeds and sizes. I have human friends too. And some kids. In my dog blog there will be lots of stories about the park, Notting Hill, my training and of course my doggie couture! I love Mummy’s creations and we have so much fun taking pictures together.

The Life Of A Dog Blogger

I’m the type of dog that like to work. It’s boring for me to do nothing. So becoming a blogger is very exciting for me! I get to type with my little paws and try to spell things correctly. Thank goodness for auto correct. And I ask Mummy to help me upload my dog blog posts online and add a cute picture. I would love to be a famous blogger who gets invited to fashion shows, doggie events and much more. Us little dogs can do a lot: we have loads of energy and drive, so we enjoy variation. Blogging about that is interesting and lots of fun. So, in summary, get ready for a pawtastic pawsome dog blogging experience!