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Dog blog entry: The Barky Police!


Police officer stars in my dog blog

Today I was barking at the door when suddenly someone knocked. Mommy was working on my dog blog at the time but she quickly went to the door: it was the police! “Oh no!” I thought, “he’s coming to tell me I bark too much!” It turned out he was telling residents in my area about crime prevention. Mommy told him she trains me and he said I should bark as much as possible! He said I’m a good guard dog and am doing well. I hoped we could feature him in my dog blog and he was so nice and agreed to take this great photo. As you can see, even though he is a police officer I am still weary of him! But I was well behaved. Thank you Mr Police Officer for coming and helping to make my home safe! Paw waves xxx Chilli Chihuahua-dog with a blog

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