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September 2016

Doggie Fun

Cute Dog Alert: Chilli Dons a Versace Scarf in the Park!

September 19, 2016
Cute Dog

When I heard on the radio that we’re going to have an Indian summer right here in London town, my tail wouldn’t stop wagging! I was so excited. It meant, of course, that I could wear my aviator sunglasses and original Versace silk scarf to the park! Mommy is such a fashionista. She knows how to make her cute dog look so glamourous 🙂

I love the park when its sunny out. It’s wonderfully warm and the sunlight makes the green grass twinkle. There are more dogs than usual too, so I can show off my trendy look! They all stop and stare at me. I doubt they’ve ever seen such a dapper-looking pup.

Trouble in the Park

Yesterday, Mommy and I decided to go for a really long walk in the park. Both of us were dressed to the nines and strutting our stuff. I think she likes to show me off when I look so cute. She smiles a lot when people tell her she has such a cute dog. One lady thought I was so cute that she couldn’t resist picking me up and giving me a kiss! I don’t mind kisses but this lady was wearing bright pink lipstick, and some of it got on my scarf. I was angry so I barked at her. That Versace scarf is a 1980s original! Couldn’t she see that!? And now there was a great big pink smudge on it!

Neither she nor Mommy seemed to notice, so I carried on barking with my lips pulled back so the lady could see my sharp teeth, and how angry I was. “I don’t know what’s got into her!” said Mommy. “Oh but he’s still so cute!” replied the lady. Right then I didn’t want to be cute anymore. I wanted to be scary. I wanted to frighten that lady for what she’d done to my lovely silk scarf. But no matter how loudly I barked and snarled, she didn’t get scared. I am simply too adorable.

Eventually, the bright pink lipstick lady went away, and Mommy and I could continue with our walk. I calmed down and stopped barking, but I was still very annoyed. That’s when Mommy saw the stain on my scarf. “Oh Chilli!” she said, “did that nice lady accidentally stain your beautiful Versace silk scarf? Is that why you’re mad?” She knew she was right. My Mommy knows me so well. “Don’t be mad Chilli. Why don’t we go to the charcuterie on Clapham Common? You like it there don’t you?”

I do like it there. In fact, the charcuterie on Clapham Common is my favourite. You can buy all sorts of snacks there, like salami and pastrami slices! Yes! Suddenly, I was excited again. My tail was wagging and I instantly forgot all about the pink lipstick smudge on my scarf. Mommy knows how to cheer me up. Mommy knows me so well.

Cute Dog in the Charcuterie

When we arrived at the charcuterie, I immediately recognised some of my cute doggy friends. They looked typically stylish and really pleased to see me. I was pleased to see them too. But I was especially happy to find Ralph and Lauren there. They are twin Labradoodles, and my pawesome friends. Ralph was wearing a very handsome Dior bowtie and Lauren donned a silk scarf very like mine, except hers was a flamboyant number from the new Vivienne Westwood range. She’s so à la mode.

Naturally, they both commented how gorgeous my Versace scarf was. I told them all about what had happened in the park with the lady and her pink lipstick but they insisted that the smudge was barely visible – even close up! That made me happy, and I realised that perhaps I’d overreacted a bit. That lady was only showing her approval of my fine taste. I thought if I saw her again I’d give her a lick to let her know I was sorry.

Mommy bought some salami for me and I devoured it. Ralph and Lauren’s Daddy bought some for them too. We played together for a while and then Mommy had the fantastic idea of all of us going to the park together. Me in my classy Versace silk scarf, Ralph in his elegant Dior bowtie and Lauren in her chic Vivienne Westwood number. Oh how the heads did turn!

What a splendid afternoon it was. I may not be scary but I’m certainly one of the cutest dogs you’re ever likely to meet!

Chilli's Interviews

Media Dog Interviews Pinterest Queen!

September 10, 2016
Chilliwawa the media dog on Pinterest

C: A huge doggy tail wag to you Vivienne Neale!

V: Hi Chilli, I am delighted to be here.  I have new bowtie for you.

C: Aw you’re so sweet.

V: Chilli that was a huge face lick. I think I’ve lost most of my makeup.

C: Haha. I was just showing you the Chilliwawa love. So tell me, what’s it like doing social media as a human? Is it very different from being a media dog?

V: To be honest, it’s hectic.  You probably find that too. Everything changes so quickly. You just manage to get to grips with one update and suddenly everything transforms.

C: So you need paws for thought then?

V: Yes, something like that. But it is exciting. You’d be barking mad not to enjoy a career in social media.

C: What’s your favourite platform? I love Instagram because I get to take a lot of selfies; being the media dog that I am.

V: I’ve seen them!  But my real favourite is Pinterest.

C: Why is that?

V: I have loved the vibe from the very beginning. I started on Pinterest when it was’ invite only’ and it really felt special. Although I have to say it has changed a lot. As a social media platform it was so different and its influence has spread far and wide in terms of design style too. It’s the one platform where I can get lost for hours and be taken to different worlds. It has become such a powerful search tool too.

C: But surely Pinterest is just for crazy cat ladies!

V: That’s where you are so wrong Chilli. Pinterest is a real money spinner and perfect for the media dog about town. Did you know people spend more on Pinterest than they do on Facebook?

C: Surely not?

V: Yup, it’s true. People visit Pinterest when they are in the mood to be tempted. They are up for inspiration, ideas, life hacks and it appeals to their sense of what might be possible, what might be transformational. They just want to add value to their lives in as many different ways as possible.

C: What you mean like me wanting to be a Great Dane?

V: Steady on!  Not quite THAT transformational. But if you are looking for a new outfit, collar or overcoat, dog basket or blanket that a media dog needs then Pinterest will offer you a 101 solutions. It will inspire and also promote that ‘I want it now’ moment.

C: Sounds good to me. But how can a social media platform really promote shopping?

V: Chill, I can’t believe you of all Chihuahuas are asking me that question. But now you’ve asked, Pinterest has launched a new shopping app. If you find a luxury dog bed in a pet shop you can zap the product and Pinterest will deliver other exciting options to your phone. You can see what’s on the market and decide there and then if this really is the bargain dog bed you were after. It’s transformational; just like your dog accessories.

C: Does that mean you actually earn a living from Pinterest? How does that work?

V: I run UK Pinterest Management Services and I look after Pinterest boards for companies who are too busy to do it themselves. The London Evening Standard even featured me in an article called the online careers you never knew existed.

I’ve worked for china restorers, luxury candle and aromatherapy oil manufacturers, vaping companies, dog accessory sellers and so many different types of people. It’s been fascinating. As a media dog you need to be there.

C: You may well convince me. So what board is your favourite on your Pinterest accounts.

V: I hate to admit it but it’s a board called Black Cats!’

C: Aargh…where are they? Let me at ‘em!

V: Ha ha Chilli, calm down, they are in picture form only. Anyway, if you need someone to manage your Pinterest boards you know where to come. I think the first one has to be called ‘The Media Dog’. Am I forgiven?

C: Sure! Here’s another lick to prove it.


Vivienne Neale is Pinterest expert and runs UK Pinterest Management Services. Click here to see what she gets up to.


Chilli's Real Life

Stylish Dog Out On The Town: I Love Chelsea!

September 8, 2016
Chilliwawa Stylish Dog at Dior

Mummy was getting ready to go out. But I knew we were going somewhere special as she chose a lovely 50’s inspired dress and glam accessories. She even asked me to wear my bowtie with my bling collar! We got ready and hopped in a cab. “Sloane Street, please”, Mummy said to the driver. She explained to me we were going to get her ring repaired. It is very precious to her as it was a special gift. We finally arrived in Chelsea and there we were: in front of the Dior shop. You see I’m a fashionable dog who knows his brands.

Enter The World Of A Stylish Dog

A handsome man opened the door for us and we were instantly greeted by some lovely ladies. They welcomed us and I got to say hello to them all. I like meeting beautiful women, they are always nice to me. So we hung out in the shop for a while, but unfortunately no photos allowed indoors. Such a shame as the carpet was really nice. I could have rolled on it all day and rubbed my back.

Mommy had a look at the nice displays and she showed me their miniature furniture. “Imagine that would be our house,” she said. “We could have tea together and get all dressed up and you’d be a stylish dog on a stylish chair!” I must say, I do enjoy being stylish. Wearing my diamante collar makes me feel cool. But I think it’s more important to Mummy rather than to me.

You see my Mummy’s a fashionista! She loves the latest fashion trends and always looking stylish. So she puts together my outfits too! She even designs things for me. I know that if Dior made dog collars she would have bought me one.

I have some very stylish dog friends too. They wear their fur coats and look shiny and new.

Stylish Dog on Sloane Street

After Dior, Mummy decided for us to have a stroll down Sloane Street. We passed some lovely shops but I must say they are missing a charcuterie. There is no where to buy some ham or pastrami to snack on! Harrods unfortunately doesn’t allow dogs inside. So we couldn’t even go there. Maybe I could get a petition going about opening some form of meaty snack bar. I know all of my friends would sign it and then we could go and hang out at the stylish dog snack place. Maybe for a change we would not allow humans! They could all wait outside and chit chat whilst we enjoy our snacks.

I think I need to ask Mummy to buy me some more bow ties! It’s nice to look the part of a stylish dog!