pet blog Notting Hill carnival

Notting Hill Carnival featured in my Pet Blog!


Pet blog breaking news! The Notting Hill Carnival is here!

It’s time for the annual Notting Hill Carnival so I thought I would write about it in my pet blog. Mommy doesn’t take me there as she worries it is too loud for my sensitive ears and the vibrations of the float sound systems are too strong. There are also a lot of chicken bones lying around on the streets which is quite dangerous. Some doggies do go with their owners so I think they must be quite experienced and calm dogs. Good for them! I decided to avoid all of the excitement and rented a car to go away for the weekend. The only problem is that the car is a bit too small for Mommy to fit in! Perhaps I’ll take my girlfriend instead! Have a great bank holiday weekend! xxx Chilliwawa-dog with a blog

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