Chilli Chihuahua on a bench

National Pet Day!


Here’s a #petpawsitive date to put in your diary: 11. April National Pet Day! Same as Valentine’s Day, where we often say we should celebrate our romance every day not just on one occasion per year, what do we do on National Pet Day?

Seems that this calendar event is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and contributions for pet welfare and responsible animal ownership, as well as celebrating pet ownership! In other words it is a shout out to those loving life with their furry companions and to those not familiar to the needs of animals, helping out with education. This is so important in this puppy buying frenzy due to the national lockdowns, where many have become unexpected pet owners.

TikTok have teamed up with several social influencers and Hill’s Pet Nutrition to raise money for  Greater Good Charities . By introducing two brand new effects they will donate $1 for every time an effect is used! Click here to read more! 

Having said all of this, what will you do for National Pet Day? As an influencer himself, Chilli will be quite busy! 

Chilli’s National Pet Day Plan:

Wake up whenever he feels like it

Have a delicious breakie (two actually, one eating Mummy’s toast with butter, the other his own snacks)

Get groomed (by Mummy)

Go for a long walk and meet lots of dogs

Post on all of his social media (follow him here on TikTok!)

What makes a great dog owner?

Compassion and Nurturing tendencies. A dog needs understanding, they can be a bit needy and generally need you to be there for them. They look to you for guidance and reassurance.

Taking responsibility. It’s not them, it’s us. A dog can be misbehaving or showing unruly behaviour but it’s because we are not listening, we are not understanding what the dog needs from us to feel good, calm and safe.

Engage with them. Dogs love it when you interact with them and teach them things, play fun games and generally communicate with them.

Be Attentive. Learn to read your dog’s signs that something is not quite right. If we can detect early signs of stress, anxiety or fear, then we can prevent unmanageable situations for your dog to happen. Keeping your dog away from worrying situations for them enforces positive experience rather than not coping and feeling overwhelmed.

Support them. Notice what they need, struggle with and strive at. Make sure your dog is happy and relaxed with the setup you have at your home for him or her. If something is difficult for them, don’t force them into it, help them explore or stay away. Notice what your dog loves to do and do more of it with them!

Keep an eye on your best friend’s health. Notice things like their digestion, toileting, mood, energy levels, condition of their fur and be aware of their nutritional needs especially as they develop in life.

Last but not least… ENJOY LIFE WITH THEM!