10 foods dangerous for dogs

10 foods dogs should never eat!


Just because us humans can eat most vegetables and pulses doesn’t automatically mean our best friend can too. Humans and dogs have different metabolisms, so we digest our food in different ways. For example, humans need to chew their food first in order for the stomach to be able to further break it down. Dogs don’t have the mouth enzymes needed for pre digesting in the mouth, they just gobble it down! Some elements which we can easily digest our furry friends can not – so suddenly there are higher levels of toxins in their bloodstream.

So what foods are dangerous for dogs?

  1. Onions, chives and garlic – they are one of the most dangerous food group for dogs. The toxin in them causes damage to their red blood cells, stopping oxygen from being transported sufficiently within their blood.
  2. Chocolate – contains theobromine which dogs can’t metabolise. So once it hits a certain level it is toxic and fatal to dogs.
  3. Avocados – contain a fungicidal toxin (persin) which is just plain poisonous to dogs/
  4. Cooked Bones – bones become brittle when cooked so when ingested they can break into sharp pieces and perforate the stomach or intestines leading to internal bleeding. A little tip here: if your dog does ingest a cooked bone try to feed it some bread to hopefully fill and protect the stomach and of course call your vet straight away.
  5. Macadamia Nuts – they’re just toxic
  6. Corn on the Cob – the corn itself is not harmful to dogs but the cob is. A piece of the cob can get stuck in the dog’s intestine causing a serious blockage.
  7. Artificial Sweetener – also known as the chemical Xylitol, when ingested by dogs it can cause the blood sugar to drop severely low which can lead to liver failure and blood clotting probelms.
  8. Alcohol – even small quantities of alcohol can affect your dog badly. It causes intoxication as well as diarrhea, being sick and neural damage.
  9. Grapes and Raisins – both of these can cause kidney failure in dogs.
  10.  Caffeine – it raises blood pressure and can affect the heart rhythms, which in turn leads to other problems including muscular and digestive.

What to do if your dog accidentally ingested any toxic foods?

Your quick reaction is what can save his or her life. Call your vet immediately or take your pup straight to an animal hospital. Vets can give your dog something to empty their stomach or medication to dilute the toxic element. It is also helpful to note what they ate – for example, when it comes to chocolate, dark chocolate is far more toxic than white chocolate, so the quantity a dog would have to eat for it to be harmful varies.