Burberry Show featured in Dog Blog!


Look what’s going on at Burberry London!

It was a cold wet day today and I was very excited to go to the park and run around in the muddy grass! We entered Kensington Gardens to see lots and lots of security guards and photographers and fashionistas! “I wonder what’s going on?” Mommy said to me. We walked a little further and from the distance we could just about make out the Burberry sign and see all the guests queueing to enter the large white tent.

We had a fantastic walk and with my little paws covered in mud we exited the park. But wait all the security people were all wearing yellow neon vests just like me! I could have worked there today and done my “barky barky” thing to anyone trying to sneak in! Oh well, I did enjoy the attention as they were all looking at me strutting along with Mommy. Paw waves! Chilli xxx