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What Do Chihuahuas and Foxes Have in Common?

April 30, 2017
What do Chihuahuas and foxes have in common?

1 Chihuahuas are the descendants of the Fennec Fox!

Errr you might think it’s true (have a look at those ears!) but it’s not. We are definitely more wolfy than foxy 😉

Fennec fox and Chihuahuas

2 Chihuahuas love to roll in Fox poo!

Even though us little guys are extremely sophisticated, when we sniff Fox poo we just can’t control ourselves! Roll in it, again and again and again. Sorry mummy, wasn’t listening…


3 I have my very own Foxy Lady!

Sometimes late at night when I patrol my neighbourhood, my foxy fox admirer decides to stalk me a little. Next time I’ll sign a pawtograph card for her.

Does your Chihuahua show his or her inner Fox? Would love to hear from you!

Chilli xxx

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Taking Mommy out for a walk!

November 24, 2015
Mommy Chilli and Lucky out for a walk

Chihuahua Mommy out in London Town!

My friend Lucky came to visit today and we decided to take my Mommy out for a walk! It was bitterly cold so we all wrapped up warm. I like my neon little coat as Mommy can see me even when the light becomes less. Lucky brought a few different outfits with him. We made him try them all on before deciding the black padded coat was best for today. I wish we could swap clothes but unfortunately we don’t wear the same size. We set off on our way to the park and got photographed! Paw waves xxx