Chilliwawa dog blog Halloween costume shopping

Halloween Shopping with Mommy: Dog blog fun!


Dog blog Selfies in the changing room!

Halloween is coming soon so Mommy and I went to this lovely shop on the King’s Road to look for a costume. They had lots of fun and novel bits and pieces to create a cool outfit. Mommy asked me to try on her headpiece so that she could get a better idea of its look. “Yes”, she exclaimed “that’s the one!” You’ll never guess what outfit Mommy chose in the end-hint it’s not the tiger! Thank you Ad Hoc for a fun shopping experience!

At the same time as having fun the shop was a great opportunity for Mommy and I to work on my training. There were lots of people and children and a big black dog so it was the kind of environment that could set off my reactive behaviour. Mommy was armed with my treats and she did concentration work with me. She asked me to “watch” her and do my favourite beg. Once or twice when Mommy wasn’t looking I managed to squeeze in a bark at a child and one at the big dog-naughty me! Overall Mommy was very pleased with me-she said I did really well.

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