Chilli Chihuahua testing a skateboard

Dog with a Tiny Skateboard!


Having fun at my weekly HTM group class

Here I am at my weekly group class in the lovely English countryside. There are always lots of dogs there who I don’t really know, except for my buddy Lucky. We always start off by walking around the room to familiarise me with the people and their lovely dogs. Then Mommy and I pick a work station area where she has my props for my tricks, my treats and some water in case I get thirsty. Today the teacher asked me if I would like to learn how to skateboard! Wow that sounds exciting! Mommy loved the idea and she started off by giving me my “two paw” command and treating me when I put my paws on the skateboard. I have to say I was very weary about the skateboard. You see every time I out my paws on it or jumped off, the board move a little. I didn’t like that very much 🙂 Mommy held it as much as possible to stay still but I need to get used to the motion! No way I was putting all four of my little paws on the board yet! Updates coming soon xxx