Chilliwawa sitting on a bench in Hyde Park

Meet Me, Chilli The Urban Pooch!

I’m a feisty little Chihuahua who pawsitively loves life and goes on many adventures!

I live with my Mummy in trendy Notting Hill and she takes me everywhere. Being a pooch is very cool as I get to sleep in, Mummy cooks lots of delicious meals for me and I even go to school. My friends and I like to hang out in the big green park, and sometimes we go to our favourite doggie cafe too.

Pooch Mooch Facts

Here are some pooch facts you should know about me:

  • I love to run!
  • I love to play with my toys (You will meet Mr Bear and Little Lamb in my blog)
  • I give lots of lick kisses to Mummy
  • I’m a hot chilli pepper! I don’t like strangers touching me and I get nervous around children as they’re a bit unpredictable. But once I am your friend I’m super cool.
  • Secretly I’m a country boy!

What Does A Doggie Get Up To In Notting Hill?

My neighbourhood is a very pooch friendly place. As Mummy works from home we hang out a lot together. We meet our friends for a coffee in the cool doggie cafe, where Mummy always admires the bling dog collars! I already have one but I know she’ll get me a bigger one soon.

As Notting Hill is quite fashionable, Mummy likes to dress me up in my pooch clothes. I’m not such a fan but it makes Mummy happy. My favourite is to run and play with my friends though. We chase each other and sniff interesting smells.

When I go to dog training school, my lovely teacher shows me how to do really fun and exciting tricks! I’ve learned how to beg, twist and do the elephant man. You will see all of these things in my dog blog.

My blog is a collection of all of my doggie adventures. Being a pooch is fun and I want to share my moments with all of you dog lovers. I love my pack and enjoy meeting the extended pack members. You will also meet my Mummy in my blog, as I’ve asked her to sometimes be in the pictures.

I also enjoy just hanging out at home. My favourite place is to crawl underneath the blanket and snuggle in the warm bed. Especially when it’s raining I don’t really like going outdoors. But I do have a cool camouflage raincoat.

Pooch Loving Nation

I must say I’m happy in live in one of the most dog loving countries but I also see that this passion is spreading throughout the world. I’m really excited to meet pooch friends from all over the world on my social media accounts. It gives me the chance to connect with friends and make new ones. I really appreciate this as it makes me so happy. Did you know that half of Brits keep a pet? And they were the first nation in the world to start an animal welfare charity! Pawesome, don’t you think?