I’m A Blogger And You Know It!

Chilliwawa is a unique dog-blog, capturing the moments from the life of a feisty and super cute Chihuahua, Chilli. His cute-dog-stories began with his Facebook page some years ago. His Mummy, a creative and a fashionista, started his page due to an injury which left her bed ridden for months. As she couldn’t really do much, she started taking photographs of Chilli with her fab Canon camera. She dressed him up and staged nice scenes around the apartment to take beautiful pictures of Chilli.

Follow Chilli’s Cute-Dog-Stories on Social Media

The photos on Chilli’s Facebook Page were a hit! People loved seeing him and the likes and comments came rushing in. The more people reacted, the more pictures were needed and the urge to start embellishing the photos with cute-dog-stories arose. With a Facebook following of 15k+ and a growing Instagram account, Chilli has reached a global audience.

But stories don’t really belong on social media, so a website was needed to fully show the life of little Chilli, the urban pooch.

Chilliwawa Is Born

Following his Twitter success, Chilli got his very own dog-blog in July 2015. It is a project in the making and reflects the creative nature of what an interesting life our cute little dogs have! Cute-dog-stories warm our hearts, and it also inspires all of us to do more with our dogs. They love going out and experiencing new things, so to document one little dog’s life is a real joy.

What Makes A Cute-Dog-Story Fabulous?

First of all, according to my own humble opinion, it’s the fact that it’s real. It’s a collection of stories of a real character in his real life. He has his friends, falls in love, has his regular activities and often ends up somewhere unexpected and interesting. Taking photographs of these moments can be quite challenging, as moments can flee. But once captured, a moment is transformed into a story around it, including all that goes with it.

The other element which makes dog stories cute and memorable are the creative elements around the little star. Chilli is a doggie couture inspiration and also a keen illustrator!

We also all enjoy reading a cute story about a dog being naughty! Sometimes the little cheeky things they do make us laugh and feel happy. They get away with it too as they’re just so cute.

So we hope you enjoy our stories and enjoy following Chilliwawa. Believe me, there’s a lot more to come!