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Chilli's Real Life

Dog Blog Family Style

November 21, 2015
Dog family life Chilliwawa visiting cousins

Dogs love family afternoons!

Today Mommy and I visited my cousins. I was really excited but also a little bit anxious as I tend to feel nervous around children. For now I still need to get re-acquainted before I can relax. We arrived and they were so happy to see me! Mommy explained to them that if we all sit down on the floor together I can sniff them and gently say hello. They were so nice and followed Mommy’s instructions and within minutes I was feeling totally at home! I let them stroke me and pat me on the head and gave them little lickie-kisses! They brought me toys and we played football together. The oldest noticed I was really thirsty so he quickly brought me some delicious water. It was very nice of him. The younger boy was really interested in my tricks training and he asked Mommy to show him how to make me sit and then do a beg! He was very good, picked it up naturally. The youngest is a lovely little princess who was very gentle and loving with me. It was nice to kiss her!

My Auntie was very excited and she asked me to show her my blog. You see she is an entrepreneur and loves to discuss ideas. She told me I was doing well and should keep on blogging!

I was really happy to see my Uncle. I like him very much! He has never lived with a dog before. We had a nice chat and I promised I would show him the ins and outs of doggie life and he would help me to relax more.

I had such a nice day! Thank you xxx

Chilli's Real Life

Dog blog with a job: coffee time!

October 9, 2015
Chilliwawa dog blog having a coffee

Dog blog work day starts with a coffee!

I’m feeling all grown up as I’m having a coffee before going to work! I applied for some internships after my plumber apprentice training went so well! I went to this lovely dog friendly pub which I will mention in my dog blog soon. I thought a double expresso might be a bit much for little me so I had a herbal tea instead. I’m so excited about my day ahead and all the new things I will get to do. Wishing you all a lovely day! Chilliwawa xxx

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Chilli's Real Life

Cute small dog as trainee plumber!

September 21, 2015
Cute small dog as trainee plumber

Cute small dog asked to be apprentice of a boiler specialist!

As winter is slowly on it’s way and I don’t like to be cold, Mommy called a plumber to do an annual check of our boiler. He was very nice with me even though at first I had to bark to tell him this is my home and my boiler! It was a tricky job so he saw my interest and asked me if I would like to be his apprentice for the day! I was thrilled. He showed me his tool bag and explained to me how the boiler really works. He says I’m a fast learner. Next time I’m even going to get my very own uniform! Thank you Mr Plumber for being such a great sport! Woof! Chilliwawa dog with a blog xxx

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Chilli's Real Life

Notting Hill Carnival featured in my Pet Blog!

August 30, 2015
pet blog Notting Hill carnival

Pet blog breaking news! The Notting Hill Carnival is here!

It’s time for the annual Notting Hill Carnival so I thought I would write about it in my pet blog. Mommy doesn’t take me there as she worries it is too loud for my sensitive ears and the vibrations of the float sound systems are too strong. There are also a lot of chicken bones lying around on the streets which is quite dangerous. Some doggies do go with their owners so I think they must be quite experienced and calm dogs. Good for them! I decided to avoid all of the excitement and rented a car to go away for the weekend. The only problem is that the car is a bit too small for Mommy to fit in! Perhaps I’ll take my girlfriend instead! Have a great bank holiday weekend! xxx Chilliwawa-dog with a blog

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Chilli's Real Life

Cute Chihuahuas don’t like the rain!

August 25, 2015
Chilliwawa cute Chihuahuas wrapped in a towel

Have you ever met cute Chihuahuas who like the rain?

My morning walkie was very wet today! It was raining so much I had to wear my little raincoat. Us cute Chihuahuas don’t really like being cold and wet! As soon as we came home Mommy made sure I was dry and warm. I think I’m going to chill at home today! Maybe I’ll give one of my friends a call? Chilli-dog with a blog xxx

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Chilli's Real Life

Dog blog entry: The Barky Police!

August 14, 2015
dog blog police offer

Police officer stars in my dog blog

Today I was barking at the door when suddenly someone knocked. Mommy was working on my dog blog at the time but she quickly went to the door: it was the police! “Oh no!” I thought, “he’s coming to tell me I bark too much!” It turned out he was telling residents in my area about crime prevention. Mommy told him she trains me and he said I should bark as much as possible! He said I’m a good guard dog and am doing well. I hoped we could feature him in my dog blog and he was so nice and agreed to take this great photo. As you can see, even though he is a police officer I am still weary of him! But I was well behaved. Thank you Mr Police Officer for coming and helping to make my home safe! Paw waves xxx Chilli Chihuahua-dog with a blog

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