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What Do Chihuahuas and Foxes Have in Common?

April 30, 2017
What do Chihuahuas and foxes have in common?

1 Chihuahuas are the descendants of the Fennec Fox!

Errr you might think it’s true (have a look at those ears!) but it’s not. We are definitely more wolfy than foxy 😉

Fennec fox and Chihuahuas

2 Chihuahuas love to roll in Fox poo!

Even though us little guys are extremely sophisticated, when we sniff Fox poo we just can’t control ourselves! Roll in it, again and again and again. Sorry mummy, wasn’t listening…


3 I have my very own Foxy Lady!

Sometimes late at night when I patrol my neighbourhood, my foxy fox admirer decides to stalk me a little. Next time I’ll sign a pawtograph card for her.

Does your Chihuahua show his or her inner Fox? Would love to hear from you!

Chilli xxx

Chilli's Real Life

The Importance of Being a Chihuahua!

April 1, 2017
Chilli Chihuahua and his friends

The Card Conundrum

I was invited to my friend Nikita’s first birthday pawty and decided to make her a special card! The only problem was that without opposable thumbs, getting myself glued to the card was barely inevitable! But just in case you’re wondering, I managed to stay detached! Phew!

Chilliwaw handmade dog card

Getting ready for the pawty is always lots of work: Mummy does her makeup, chooses her outfit carefully, and me, well I just turn up all fluffy and handsome 😉 Especially with a suntan, who could resist?

Chilliwawa getting ready to go out

You can take the man out of the country, but you can’t take the ball chasing out of the Schnauzer!

We all met in the park, including our buddy Barnaby, the Schnauzer. Barnaby does try to strut his inner Chihuahua but he can’t resist acting like a… well… how can I say it… dog! (In case you’re not sure, Chihuahuas are not classified as simply dogs, we are Chiwawas!)

Look at our tall shadows! Chihuahua long legs!

Chihuahuas in Hyde Park

We were causing quite a bit of attention! A stranger stopped and asked if she could take a picture of us and post it on her Facebook page! You see, this is how fame starts apparently…Chihuahua-tastic!

Chihuahua Mamas

It was quite chilly (excuse the pun) in the park and we were all feeling peckish, so we headed to trendy Farmacy on Westbourne Grove. I could already see the hostess’ face, dreading the dog invasion of her restaurant! But as we were mostly (very well behaved, we hardly bark, snap or growl except for when we do!) Chihuahuas, the restaurant welcomed us! (Do you see the importance of being small and cute now?)

Farmacy Notting Hill

Birthday Chihuahua at Farmacy

I studied the menu over and over but couldn’t find the chicken, so I asked Mummy where it was hiding. She said this is vegan cuisine (you see, Mummy likes vegetables…a lot…me, I’m more of an animal lover…)

Birthday celebration at Farmacy

Happy Birthday Nikita!

Chilli Chihuahua and the birthday cake

Chilli Chihuahua and friends

Chihuahuas love selfies! Mummy says veggie-cheese! I say chicken!

Chilli with mummy Yasmin El-Saie

Psst I’ll tell you a little secret. Some big celebrities were having a private party in the special room! The manager showed it to me once the guests had left. Doesn’t it look smashing? Look, they’ve even offered me a Margarita! (Well, I was kindly informed that it’s not a good idea for Chihuahuas to drink cocktails as as their inner dog might come out, so I will pass it on…)

Chilliwawa at Farmacy

Chilling in my Chilli-Bag! This is the best way to keep me out of trouble! Ankles of passersby, you are safe now!

Chilli Chihuahua in his bag

Thank you Farmacy for being such good sports and welcoming us! We give you a pawtastic high five!

Rating: 5/5 Paws!

Chilliwawa 5 paws rating!

Birthday party leftovers at Farmacy