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October 2016

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How to Calm Your Dog on Bonfire Night

October 29, 2016
Chilliwawa calm during fireworks

Bonfire Night Fireworks: How Does Your Dog React?

Every year on the 5th November us doggies face an event where humans think it’s good fun to create loud explosions in the sky! It sounds like the heavens are crashing down on us little guys. Some of us pooches get very anxious and scared, as the noise is so unnatural.

I’m really lucky as the fireworks don’t really bother me. I sometimes am a bit curious as to what is going on, but other than that I’m fine. But some of my doggie friends find the noise very disturbing. They pant anxiously, and I get scared they’re hyperventilating. Some don’t know where to go and what to do with themselves.

So, to help make this Bonfire night experience less scary for all of my pooch friends everywhere, I’ve asked my vet and researched the doggienet for useful tips on how to make a night of fireworks less stressful for your dogs.

Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan’s Advice

I thought, who better to ask than the dog whisperer himself, Caesar Milan? I didn’t get the chance to call him personally as my new pawphone is not working properly. So I looked at his website instead. It’s actually quite pawtastic! Living in America he gives some great advice for the Fourth of July fireworks which we can apply to our Bonfire Night too. Here is some of Caesar’s advice: Continue Reading

Doggie Facts

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

October 21, 2016
Halloween Skeleton Dog Costume

At last! Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited!! Not only will I get lots more doggy treats than usual but I also get to try on lots of different spooky costumes!

I love dressing up. If you come here often you’ll know that. Mommy is always finding new and beautiful things for me to wear, but Halloween is extra fun because for once I’m allowed to show my scary side! (and trust me, my scary side is quite terrifying sometimes! Woof!) Continue Reading

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Cute Dog Stories: The Happy Bench!

October 13, 2016
Chilli Chihuahua Chilliwawa on happy bench

Cute Dog Stories in Notting Hill

Oh how the cute dog stories are piling up! It seems Mommy and I can’t even go for a short afternoon walk around Notting Hill without seeing or doing something interesting!

Earlier this week we just popped out for a few minutes and I discovered that benches are not just meant for marking our territory! They are also places where happy people meet together! Well, the ‘Happy People Only’ bench is anyway. We found it just outside one of Mommy’s favourite cafes and we just had to take a closer look!

The man in the café said he placed The Happy Bench outside because he wanted to either attract happy customers or sad customers that needed cheering up! He said that most days the bench is occupied by complete strangers who happily talk to one another while they drink their coffee!

The Happy Bench

Mommy and I took a seat on the bench and I have to say I instantly felt happier! Then another man from inside the café came and sat down with us and I almost barked at him for coming too close but then I realised the Happy Bench isn’t just for me and Mommy. The Happy Bench is for anyone who is feeling or would like to feel happy. So I didn’t bark at him – I behaved myself and respected the Happy Bench!

Mommy and I think the Happy Bench is such a good idea – not just to encourage human happiness but also doggy happiness! Dogs (especially little Chihuahuas like me) feel a lot more relaxed around happy, calm people. We don’t bark or growl and small children don’t get scared so easily. That’s what we do when we’re feeling stressed or nervous – usually because there are stressed or nervous people around us!

You see, we doggies are very sensitive animals. We take after human emotions very easily – the good and bad ones – and sometimes people don’t understand this when we get all barky-barky-growly-growly.

So Mommy and I think there should be a Happy Bench in every park in London! If there were a Happy Bench in every park, there would be lots more happy people and happy dogs walking around. That way, we doggies would hardly ever get upset!

You see, London is such a big city. People move so quickly here – going to work, returning from work – and don’t seem to be interested in talking to strangers. Mommy says it’s because there are too many distractions in life. I think it’s a pity. People should talk to strangers more often – who knows where one random, happy conversation on a bench could lead?

We Chihuahuas would certainly be a lot happier and calmer at any rate. Happy benches = happy people = happy dogs 🙂

In fact, we think placing Happy Benches in London Parks is such a good idea that we are going to write to the Mayor about it. We know he must be a busy man but we think he’s also a nice man who will understand the value of Happy Benches in London Parks. Although Mommy says “it’s a longshot”, we think he might respond 🙂

Imagine that – the London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiling the first Happy Bench in Hyde Park – what a wonderful and happy day that would be!

Yes, I think the Happy Bench is a fantastic idea. I think Mommy and I will visit our Happy Bench outside the café most days from now on. Especially on my “off days”, as Mommy likes to call them. It will cheer me up, she says.

As long as whoever sits next to me is happy, I think she’ll be right 🙂

Doggie Fun

Chihuahua Behaviour Checklist With Some Funny Dog Stories!

October 6, 2016
Chilliwawa Dog Stories

Now, I know we Chihuahuas are just the cutest and most adorable little mongrels on the planet, but occasionally we can misbehave. However, that does make for some funny dog stories. We aim to please.

It’s not usually our fault. It’s usually because of kids who pull our tail or stroke us the wrong way (I hate that!) Or old ladies who pick up us up and smear their bright pink lipstick all over our lovely designer scarves.

When something as distressing as this happens, I can’t help but go barking mad! And my bark is a strong bark. My bark can be heard for miles. My bark is so ferocious it will make grown men cry. Ha!

But Mommy says I need to behave better. She thinks sometimes I am provoked too easily and need to control my temper. I thought maybe she was right. I always try to listen to what Mommy says. But I do not she does like to dine out on my funny dog stories so I don’t think she minds too much.

So, last week we decided to create the world’s very first Chihuahua Dog Behaviour Checklist!

The idea was that Mommy and I would go to the park, where I tend to bark a lot, to see what bothered me. Then I would try my best to keep calm any time I wanted to bark.

So here it is…

Chihuahua Dog Behaviour Checklist!

1. Be nice to kids. Even the ones with sticky fingers.

This is another one of my funny dog stories. We’d only been in the park for five minutes when 2 little girls came over and started petting me. They made a strange squealing noise, but they were gentle and thankfully they stroked me the right way. I didn’t feel like barking 🙂

But then their baby brother noticed us. He looked awkward and clumsy as he stumbled towards us. Hmm. This was more dangerous, I thought. He came closer, to within touching distance, and I began to get nervous. And that’s when I noticed it: a jam sandwich! IN HIS HAND! Oh God! I looked at Mommy. She hadn’t noticed. I didn’t bark. I stayed calm. I didn’t want to fail the behaviour test so quickly. The baby brother reached out his free hand. I could see the jam stuck to his fingers. It was awful. They moved towards me. Closer – inches away! I shut my eyes tight. ‘Don’t bark, Chilli’ I thought to myself, ‘Whatever you do, don’t bark!’. And that’s when Mommy saved me. Just in the nick of time Mommy saw the boy’s sticky jam fingers and lifted me to safety! It was like an angel swooping down to save me from something truly terrible.

I love you Mommy!!

Verdict: Pass!

2. Indulge your fans

Being the Internet’s cutest and possibly most famous Chihuahua, it doesn’t surprise me when people stop Mommy and I in the park to ask for a photo. They are great fans of all the funny dog stories that appear on this site. Ha, modest, moi? Usually I don’t mind this, but sometimes – if I’m having a bad day – I simply don’t have the time.

After escaping the sticky jam fingers, however, I was in a good mood. I wanted to show Mommy how grateful I was too, so when somebody recognised me and asked to take a photo, I was more than happy to oblige! I posed for 3 or 4 and put on my best smile. Mommy was pleased 🙂

Verdict: Pass!

3. Respect your elders

We continued our walk and my tail was wagging. I felt great. This behaviour test was easy! ‘I was going to pass with flying colours!’ I thought. Mommy said what a good boy I was. I love my Mommy.

But then another dog appeared. He was an ugly, bigger dog that I’d never seen before. God he was a brute. And here he was, on my patch! ‘How dare he!’ I thought. And he was old and smelled awful. A big, old, brutish dog making a smell on MY patch!! I couldn’t resist. ‘Go away!’ I barked, ‘Take your old horrid smell some place else!’ I barked again. It felt good. And if I didn’t tell him then who would? He looked scared when he walked past with his owner. ‘Ha!’ I thought.

But Mommy wasn’t impressed. She scolded me. “Chilli! I thought we agreed you were going to behave today! What did that nice old dog ever do to you? You should respect your elders Chilli!”

I realised Mommy was right. I shouldn’t have barked at him for being old, ugly and smelly. I should respect my elders like Mommy says.

Verdict: Fail 

4. Be the bigger dog and walk away

I was determined to make up for my little outburst and show Mommy that I could pass the Chihuahua Dog Behaviour test. Just one chance – that’s all I needed!

Then I saw another dog. A bigger and older dog who I could respect! Yes! The dog came closer. Gosh he really was big, and quite scary-looking actually. But it didn’t matter; I would respect him anyway! But then I realised he didn’t want to be friendly. He suddenly leaped towards me, pulling his surprised owner by the leash, and barked very loudly. He had the scariest bark I’d ever heard! Suddenly I didn’t want to be friends with this dog anymore, even if it meant I lost my chance to redeem myself. Mommy shouted at the bad dog and I ran to the other side of her. I was scared, but Mommy would keep me safe!

Before the dog could reach us his owner pulled him back and shouted at him too. He turned and walked away. I was safe, and I hadn’t barked back! “Well done Chilli” said Mommy, “he was a nasty dog but you behaved so well. Here, take a doggy treat for being such a good boy.”

Verdict: Pass!

And just like that, I was happy again. I had passed the first Chihuahua Dog Behaviour Test! And received a treat! That really is one of many funny dog stories. Mind you I am using the word ‘funny’ in the ironic sense here

Now I’m looking forward to the next test. I could be the best-behaved Chihuahua in London before long! 🙂 What do you think?

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Dog Fashionista Sniffs London Fashion Week

October 3, 2016
Dog Fashionista at London Fashion Week

London Fashion week may have just passed but it takes these small paws a lot longer to type than those of you blessed with ten digits. So I have only just ‘pooch-read’ my article and feel I can now pass it over for publication. So here goes:

Chilliwawa Does The Dogwalk

It took almost all morning to get myself ready for London Fashion Week’s weekend. Being a dog fashionista, I was dressed up to the nines in the expectation my dreams might be fulfilled and I would come face to face with Ms. Stella McC. or even Kate Moss but I never admitted that to Mommy.

In fact, as we took the bus to the venue I was pondering whether Stella’s next project could well be a range of Chilliwawa outfits. I mean, after the Olympics she’s bound to need a fresh challenge. My paws are crossed in the hope she might just get to see this fabulous prose with a pinch of Chilli.

Fashion Goes Digital

What was really interesting to a small Chihuahua is how London Dog Fashionistas have finally gone digital. Yes, I know they’ve always been pretty good at the old social media stuff but this year was quite different. The Fashionistas have obviously been listening to the public’s whine and Burberry especially is now actually offering the outfits for sale as they waft down the catwalk. Note to self, why does my fur bristle when I write catwalk? Can only wonder….anyway, where were we?

It’s Like Burying The Bone And Forgetting Its Location!

It’s always been the thing that what you see in September you can only get your paws on so much later. What’s the point of that I have often asked myself? By the time the right season comes along you’ve forgotten what was on offer. It’s a bit like burying a bone then being unable to remember its location. I’ve never quite got the hang of all that nonsense really, and it does mean you then have to remove dirt from one’s claws and it takes an age, daahling.

If I Want It, I Want It Now, Thank You Very Much!

Now it’s much more exciting. You can see what you fancy on the old moggie parade and place your order straight away. Think of that! In this ‘seen-the-bag-of-doggie-treats-and-want –one-now-world’ that’s exactly how companies need to react to consumer demand. If I want it, excuse me, but I want it now. My mommy knows all about that. Burberry has also decided that ‘instant shopping’ is in and I’m with them all the way of this development.

So What Did We See At London Fashion Week That Makes A Dog Fashionista’s Tail Wag?

Well quite a few things, as it happens. But I have to say that London has never looked so exciting – so much to see and even more to sniff. The first thing that really got the old paws drumming with excitement, was also by Burberry. You’d think I was being sponsored, mind you I wouldn’t say no if they offered. For a dog fashionista, a Burberry scarf and raincoat would be just the thing on these chilly autumn days.

Burberry Are On The Money In 2016

But I must say, Burberry really seem to be on the money right now. You might find that strange for a fashionista dog but it was all the equestrian inspired riveted detailing that I liked. There was one handbag that would make an excellent collar. Mommy put her foot down about us buying it then repurposing the handle. Excuse me, I thought ‘paws for thought’, it was just an idea. Humans, honestly, they have no sense of humour sometimes.

Save Your Trousers; Use A Broom!

Mind you I think Mommy was more interested in the people that were coming in and out of the show. It really is quite a revelation and showed some interesting fashion trends. We saw floor-sweeping trousers in plush velvet. I couldn’t understand why they just didn’t use a broom but I guess that’s probably so last year. Then there was the head to toe brigade…you pick your colour and then go for it with everything. Tan fur would be my choice, if you are asking. The t-shirt as a dress thing is fine for the summer but without a little fur round the leg region wouldn’t that be a tad cool at this time of year? #justasking.

Certainly people-spotting is a wonderful hobby at Fashion Week and I received my fair share of adoration it must be said. As we trotted home through the long paths in the park I imagined myself on next year’s ‘dogwalk’ attired in Stella McC and with Kate Moss on the other end of the lead…quite a dog fashionista fantasy it must be said.

Must go, just been whistled for my tea. See you next time.