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November 2015

Dog Training

Dog training: Two Paws on Object!

November 26, 2015
Chilli Chihuahua in dog training give paw

Paw work is fantastic dog training prep!

Today I would like to keep you updated on my paw work dog training. A lot of us little Chihuahuas are a bit scared of touching anything with our paws. You see we are not very confident about scary objects! However a lot of really cool dog tricks involve us using our paws on various objects so in order to learn these tricks we must start with the basics: Two paws on an object. My lovely teacher started by teaching me how to “give paw” to a person’s hand and then to place one paw on a scary object. Then she escalated it to two paws on an object. So now that I can do this we are working on some very cool things! I will keep you updated! Paw waves xxx

Doggie Blog

Taking Mommy out for a walk!

November 24, 2015
Mommy Chilli and Lucky out for a walk

Chihuahua Mommy out in London Town!

My friend Lucky came to visit today and we decided to take my Mommy out for a walk! It was bitterly cold so we all wrapped up warm. I like my neon little coat as Mommy can see me even when the light becomes less. Lucky brought a few different outfits with him. We made him try them all on before deciding the black padded coat was best for today. I wish we could swap clothes but unfortunately we don’t wear the same size. We set off on our way to the park and got photographed! Paw waves xxx

Doggie Blog

A Dog’s Day in Hyde Park

November 23, 2015
Chilli Chihuahua playing in the coloured leaves Hyde Park

Cute Chihuahuas love to play!

Look dear friends my favourite park is changing colour! I wonder why the trees do that and then drop the multi coloured leaves? Maybe it’s for little guys like me to play in! It’s so much fun running around, sniffing and making new friends. Paw waves! xxx

Chilli's Real Life

Dog Blog Family Style

November 21, 2015
Dog family life Chilliwawa visiting cousins

Dogs love family afternoons!

Today Mommy and I visited my cousins. I was really excited but also a little bit anxious as I tend to feel nervous around children. For now I still need to get re-acquainted before I can relax. We arrived and they were so happy to see me! Mommy explained to them that if we all sit down on the floor together I can sniff them and gently say hello. They were so nice and followed Mommy’s instructions and within minutes I was feeling totally at home! I let them stroke me and pat me on the head and gave them little lickie-kisses! They brought me toys and we played football together. The oldest noticed I was really thirsty so he quickly brought me some delicious water. It was very nice of him. The younger boy was really interested in my tricks training and he asked Mommy to show him how to make me sit and then do a beg! He was very good, picked it up naturally. The youngest is a lovely little princess who was very gentle and loving with me. It was nice to kiss her!

My Auntie was very excited and she asked me to show her my blog. You see she is an entrepreneur and loves to discuss ideas. She told me I was doing well and should keep on blogging!

I was really happy to see my Uncle. I like him very much! He has never lived with a dog before. We had a nice chat and I promised I would show him the ins and outs of doggie life and he would help me to relax more.

I had such a nice day! Thank you xxx

Doggie Fun

High Tech Dog Blog Old School Style!

November 12, 2015
Chilliwawa with a typewriter

Sometimes we need a little old school style!

As my dog blog is growing Mommy decided to move it onto a super fast new platform! She doesn’t want any more interruptions so that my readers can always catch up with my latest news! Moving my blog did take a couple of days but during that time I decided to keep blogging old school style! Look what I found in a local charity shop! My tiny paws can hit the keys nicely! Woof!

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Doggie Blog


November 1, 2015
Chilliwawa Halloween Party Notting Hill

Let’s celebrate Halloween dog blog style!

Mommy and I got all dressed up to go to a Halloween party! We had lots of fun getting ready together. You see Mommy wasn’t sure how to do her make up to match our skeleton outfits. So I googled some make up ideas and Mommy turned them into her own version. She asked me if I would like some make up too but we decided I look much cuter without! Finally our friends came to pick us up and off we all went to the party. Look I even got to meet a witch! And a green little bug! What a fun night it was! Paw waves xxx

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